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viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Welcome to Achlada - Mourtzanakis Residence ( NOGAL DE VIDA RECOMIENDA LA ECO RESIDENCE)

Welcome to Achlada - Mourtzanakis Residence

Traditional Cottages
"Out in the dark blue sea there lies a land called Crete, a rich and lovely land, washed by the waves on every side…" The Odyssey
We would be delighted to welcome you to the Mourtzanakis Residence where you will experience the traditional hospitality of Crete in a spectacular setting of peace, tranquillity, and truly breathtaking scenery.
Let nature, history and beautiful weather transport you from the stress and strain of urban living, while enjoying all the comforts and amenities of modern life in our Residence set amidst medieval surroundings.
Achlada is located near the village of Aghia Pelagia, where the area is rich in vegetation, with amazing landscapes and featuring four different beaches.  Today, Achlada is an ideal place for visitors to leave urban stress behind and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature and the ecotourism activities available in the area.

Mourtzanakis Residence Traditional Eco Hotel

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